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If you want to directly influence and be actively involved in real decision-making that affects the club, then you need to be elected to the club’s Management Committee.

Note: Formal nomination is only required for the Management Committee roles. You can still help the club in many other volunteering roles.


There are 2 steps to joining the management committee:

    Step 1 – get nominated

    Step 2 – attend the AGM to be elected

Step 1 – get nominated 

  • Download the nomination form by clicking on the PDF button to the right

  • Complete the form (including having the form signed by members - a nominator and seconder as well as yourself)

  • Email the completed form to 


Nominations close 5:00 pm Friday 17 November 2023

Step 2 – attend the AGM to be elected

  • AGM starts 12 noon on Sunday 19 November 2023

  • At the clubhouse

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